Relax. Restore. Rejuvenate.

How we got started

Kōzi started its business with the passionate belief that quality natural pain relief alternatives help keep our physical, mental and emotional well-being in balance.  Over the last 20+ years, Kōzi developed a wide selection of 100% natural herbal wraps designed to provide comfort when our bodies experience stress, tension, aches, pain, illness or injury.  Filled with physician formulated combinations of herbs and grains, Kōzi wraps provide natural hot and cold aromatherapy designed to keep you in balance.

Relax. Restore. Rejuvenate.

1996 – Began making aromatherapy wraps

1998- Hired 12 team members to meet growing demand   

2002- Relocated office and production facility to Clackamas, Oregon

2004 – Established private label business with Crabtree & Evelyn

2005 – Product now available nationwide via Bed, Bath & Beyond partnership

 2006 – Launched global manufacturer partnership with one of the world’s largest spa distributors, Universal Companies

2007 – Established Kōzi™

2010 – Secured United States Patent, US D629,178S Neck & Shoulder Wrap

2014 – Established private label business with Brookstone

2017 – Partnered with Hallmark to develop, design and manufacture Crafters & Co. aromatherapy wraps

Kōzi Ingredients

Aromatherapy at it’s Best!

Tucked inside each Kōzi is a physician formulated blend of natures finest herbs. Experience the Kōzi difference today.


nerve tonic

Valerian Root

relaxation, anti-spasm

White Willow



nerve tonic, relaxation


headache support


pain, anti-spasm


pain, anti-spasm



Yellow Dock

circulation support

Lemon Grass

analgesic, pain-relief




healing support

Made with Love in the USA

Our Work

For more than 20 years, Kōzi has taken great pride in its handcrafted wraps, each meticulously hand-cut, sewn and packed here in the USA. Our Kōzi team produces wraps as unique as our customers.

Watch the Benefits of Kozi

Rejuvenate body, mind and spirit with 100% natural, hot or cold aromatherapy herbal wraps.

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Thermapeutic Care

Kōzi’s thermapeutic care uses temperature to activate the healing qualities of herbs and grains.  Once a Kōzi is heated or chilled, it is instantly ready to apply to aches and pains.  Heat therapy provides comfort, improves circulation and relieves stiffness.  Cold therapy reduces inflammation, alleviates pain and eases swelling. Thermapeutic care is a simple and effective form of natural treatment.

Dear Kōzi,

My order of 2 wraps arrived today. I must commend you on such FAST shipping! The aroma is wonderful!

Thank you.


Rose Kruschek
Thank you for making such a high quality product!
I purchased one of your Neck Wraps 10-15 years ago, use it consistently 3-4 times a week and it's still amazing! I have kept it in a ziplock bag per instructions and it has been my go to comfort item all these years.
Just wanted to say thanks for making a quality product :-)

I received a Kōzi Neck & Shoulder Wrap as a birthday gift from my son and daughter in law. It is amazing! Very soft, heats up easily on 2 minute setting in the microwave. Pleasant smelling when warmed and in use. Very relaxing and comforting on painful neck and shoulders. I have been using a homemade rice bag for years, this neck shoulder wrap is a huge improvement. Covers entire neck and shoulders with wonderful warmth.

Patti Bronecky

The neck and shoulder wrap is big so covers a good amount of body surface. I kinda like the hefty weight of it on my body too. It heats up in microwave and has herbs in the filler so give off a nutty herby scent.

Jeffery Mandrake

I love my Kozi back pack, it is perfect for loosening my upper and lower back muscles that tighten up from many hours working in my garden!

EllenWilliams, CA
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