How to Stay Warm in the Winter

How to Stay Warm in the Winter

The weather outside is frightful, and we don’t all have the option to stay inside and sit next to a roaring fireplace. It can be difficult to stay warm indoors when you don’t want to run your furnace all day and hike up your power bill. It’s even harder to stay warm when you must go outside and face the cold winter wind. Here are a few ways to stay warm while lounging inside or when braving the elements outdoors.


Use hand warmers. Carry handwarmers in your palms or place them inside a pair of gloves to effortlessly keep them in place. You can find inexpensive handwarmers at many stores or you can make them yourself at home! Just place calcium chloride ice melt pellets and water inside Ziploc bags and voila (Green)!


Wear layers. Wearing layers is the easiest way to prepare for temperature changes. If you need to go outside for a while but will also be sitting inside later and don’t want to do multiple outfit changes during your day, wear layers of clothing of different thickness. Wear thinner clothes closer to your body and thicker clothes on top so you can peel away each layer as you get warmer (Harding).


Keep your head warm. You will lose heat through any part of your body that is not covered. An easy way to combat heat loss is by wearing a hat! Not only will a hat keep you warm, but you can wear one that matches your outfit and make a fun fashion statement (Green).


Keep your feet warm. If you’re walking outside in the rain or snow, you want to keep your feet dry and warm. Thick socks will help block moisture from getting to your feet if your shoes are not completely waterproof. Wearing thick socks around the house or at the office will help you stay warm when a cold draft blows through the room (“How to Keep Warm…”). You can also wear a pair of Kozi Comfort Slippers of Comfort Booties to keep your feet warm! These wraps will soothe aching feet and bring warmth that will spread throughout your body.


Turn on your ceiling fan. Ceiling fans can be used to cool down warm rooms in the summer and they can also help heat a room in the winter! Ceiling fans will push around any warm air that has risen to the ceiling. This will keep the warm air circulating around the room and will help you warm up. (Green)


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