The neck and shoulder wrap is big so covers a good amount of body surface. I kinda like the hefty weight of it on my body too. It heats up in microwave and has herbs in the filler so give off a nutty herby scent.

Jeffery Mandrake

I love my Kozi back pack, it is perfect for loosening my upper and lower back muscles that tighten up from many hours working in my garden!


Williams, CA

I wore my last neck wrap from you out!  Time for a new one.


Vancouver, WA

I had never purchased from your company before and just wanted to say "thank you"! Ordering was very easy and I'm enjoying my Kozi herbal neck pack.


West Bloomfield, MI

I've been using my Neck & Booties for about a year now and they still smell great! Thanks for making all natural wraps using organic cotton. I love  how soft the fabric feels next to my skin.


Oakley, CA

I visited Clackamas County in June and received a wonderful herbal Neck & Shoulder Wrap from a friend which she bought from you. It really helps me relax.


Fair Oaks, CA

I suffer from chronic pain and have used these "types" of microwaveable heat packs for years and I must say that this is one of the best I've tried so far. I've only had it for a few weeks now so I can't comment on how it will perform on the long haul, but I can tell you that I heat mine up at least a dozen times/day every day and it works great at helping me with my chronic leg pain. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a good heat pack.

Double Deuce